Junkyard Outline
Junkyard Unfinished [No. 2]
Junkyard 2004


Here’s a graffiti piece I did in 2003 when there used to be a half-decent skate park at Bishops Stortford. It made for a refreshing contrast to the clone-town it was rapidly becoming, full to bursting with coffee bars and mobile phone chains, just like everywhere else. Folk of all ages including the elderly and families who found themselves walking …

Brick Lane Video by Stumblin’ Earthman

Stumblin’ Earthman was in Brick Lane Gallery while the show was on and came up with this video. He never was much good on his feet bless him, his hand’s not the steadiest and his camera’s prehistoric, but it’s the best we’ve got so it’ll have to do.


I want to clear a few things up from the start… • This blog is about art and inspiration and in no way encourages or condones any illegal activity. • Any reference to illegal activity on my part is purely for entertainment purposes and does not constitute any admission of guilt of any crime. • The content in the ‘About’ …

Exhibition at Brick Lane Gallery

Thanks to everyone who came to ‘A Moment of Watching Something’, my debut show which ran from 28th November until 8th December 2008. Special thanks to all who came out of the woodwork and enjoyed themselves at the Private View on the 27th. Unfortunately the owner of the Brick Lane Gallery let us down in a big way despite paying …