Chrome and Black
Chrome and Black 2
Chrome and Black 3
Chrome and Black Inside Shop

Chrome & Black – London’s Finest Colourmen

A new art supplies store has recently opened and is rapidly becoming very well established in East London’s Bethnal Green Road, near the top of Brick Lane, the heart of Graff-land! Its opposite the 90 meter graffiti wall. With the Rarekind gallery downstairs exhibiting work by original first generation graffiti artists it really is worth a trip. Specialising in the …

Urban Archaeology – Elate ‘87

  Elate tag ’87 photo by Skam Many thanks to Skam for this snap of an old Elate tag from the eighties uncovered during recent renovations to Marble Arch station. If anyone else has any old Elate snaps I’d be very glad to hear.  

90m Graff Wall – Bethnal Green Road

I was invited in to paint a small piece of this monster wall by Aks, graffiti artist and the events co-ordinator. Situated between Shoreditch high street and Brick Lane and opposite the new Chrome and Black shop with the Rarekind Gallery downstairs, this is London’s graffiti central. In the next street is Sclater Street Hall of Fame. This is now …