Meeting of Styles Banner
Meeting of Styles Flyer

Meeting of Styles – Graffiti Fest to Hit Shoreditch

Meeting Of Styles – London I will be painting at the daytime event on the streets… The International Meeting Of Styles will now be showcased at a one day aerosol and music festival in London on the 6th June 2009… Evening event cancelled- daytime event still on. The International Meeting Of Styles event will take place in a massive warehouse …

It's About To Blow - The Sketch
The lay-in
Its About to Blow detail 2
Its About to Blow detail 1
Its About to Blow detail 3
Its About to Blow detail 4
Its About to Blow Giclee Edition

It’s About to Blow – In Stages

  In the time leading up to this work an unyielding ‘itch’ had gotten into my head, provoked by awareness of the instability, inefficiency and unaccountability of the systems which govern and power our planet. Every night I watched the news the ‘itch’ would increase, as report upon report drew my attention to the precarious threads which hold our precious …

Better Living – From Sketch to Oils

Better Living Thru Chemistry Sketch This is a sketch for a painting I did in 2001, I thought it worth posting due to the amount of possibilities in the outline, and my interpretation of it. Following is the finished painting… Better Living Thru Chemistry