Mystic Gems for the Western Snack Palate and Beyond

  I’ve started some new canvases, based on some old ideas. Some of these are mutating and jumping off onto paper into graffiti outlines. Rant begins after the jump…. I’ve dug into some old writing of mine from way back, in which I touch on the basis of this concept, expanding on a line of enquiry put forward by, and …

Elate Tumbling Block Brick Lane
Elate Keen
Keen One
Elate Keen 1
Elate 1
Graffiti Brick Lane Map
Elate Fuel
Keen Fuel
Elate 2
Envy Don Aks
Keen Elate
Elate Keen 2
Elate Brick Lane
Elate Keen Fuel Envy
Des's Shack Finished
Elate Downrock
Elate on PCB

New Graffiti: Brick Lane is a Christmas Tree

Elate Tumbling Block, Brick Lane – photo © Romanywg 2009 Brick Lane was in a state of urgent need of some proper graffiti, We have been decorating it… Elate, Keen One Elate Keen One Elate, Keen One Elate Graffiti: Brick Lane Map Nearest tube Liverpool Street or Aldgate East Elate, Fuel Keen, Fuel Elate Envy, Don, Aks Keen, Elate Elate, Keen One …

Petro Solo Show
Petro Solo Show 2
Petrol Solo Show 3
Petrol Solo Show 4
Petrol Solo Show 5
Petrol Solo Show 6
Petrol Solo Show 7
Petrol Solo Show 8
Petrol Solo Show Map
Petrol Solo Show 9
Petrol Solo Show 10
Petrol Solo Show 11
Petrol Solo Show 12
Petrol Solo Show 13
Petrol Solo Show 14

Petro: Old-School Writer-Solo Show

Hats off to old school graffiti writer Petro for putting on a smashing opening night. His exhibition is just off Brick Lane at The Old Rag Factory on Heneage Street. Petro is showing lots of affordable paintings and prints based on the letter-form alongside more quirky and conceptual stuff. It makes a refreshing change to see artists who are actually …

Skore Exhibition
Skore Exhibition 2
Skore Exhibition 3
Skore Exhibition 4
Skore Exhibition 5
Skore Exhibition 6

Skore Exhibition at Libertines

  Libertine’s in Sheraton Street, off Wardour Street, Soho, held an exhibition celebrating 25 years of graffiti by legendary old school London writer Skore on Thursday 16th July. Unfortunately it was only open for a couple of days and by the time you read this post will be long gone. I thought I’d upload some shots anyway… There were photos …

Urban Relics – Elate Tracksides Bow ‘89

Many thanks to Skire for this classic shot of an early Elate ‘EL’ throw-up taken in 1989. This is on the District Line tracksides in Bow, East London and done with Fugi, Spasm & Pusher. Bow Trackside Hits 1989 Elate If anyone else has any old Elate flicks I’d be very glad to hear.

This Blog is Now Fully Live

After developing this blog for a few months I recently removed the robots.txt files so that it can be more easily found. During this time I’ve been learning to use the infinitely customisable and free WordPress blogging platform which I highly recommend to anyone interested in publishing content to the web. You will find a resource here showcasing work by …

Andy Seize
Andy Seize 2
Andy Seize Map

Andy Seize: Taking Pop Art to a New Level

  Andy Seize Andy Seize has been painting graffiti since the eighties now he’s taken pop art to a stunning new level as only an old school graffiti writer could. His show is on until Monday 13th July 2009 from 12 to 4pm. More after the jump… Andy Seize says: “This is my first major solo show in a fantastic …