Elate Tizer
Tizer Elate Envy
Tizer Elate Envy 2

New Graffiti: Elate & Tizer

  This one was done on Thursday on Sclater Street, near Brick Lane, London E1, and was the first collaboration between myself and Tizer,who did the character and background, we were both happy with the end results. There’s also a Envy piece by Envy, Time and Fued and Wisher. A massive shout to Jim Wilson who filmed everything in HD, …

Elate Circuit Splat being painted over
Elate Circuit Splat
Elate Circuit Splat being painted over 2

‘Elate Circuit Splat’ Bites the Dust

The Elate ‘Circuit Splat’ style painting I did for Meeting of Styles 2009 on the corner of Brick Lane and Bacon Street in East London had a good run for a piece, I’m not complaining, it held this space for nearly four months. This weekend it finally met it’s match at the hands of property developers who are turning the …

Now There’s No Excuse!

  Do you love graffiti? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn but didn’t fancy getting arrested or even know where to start. Maybe you’ve tried tags or stencils and would like to learn can control skills and freehand techniques…Maybe your kids have already redecorated the garage and are running out of space or maybe you’d like to paint a message …

London Handstyles Book Launch
London Handstyles Book Launch 2
London Handstyles Book Launch 3
London Handstyles Book Launch 4
London Handstyles Book Launch 5
LHS Flyer

London Handstyles Book Launch Tags

The London Handstyles book is out now featuring tags by a selection of London graffiti writers from the mid eighties to the present, many who were considerably more prolific than myself. The launch party was on Friday in Rarekind Gallery below Chrome and Black graffiti art supplies shop on Bethnal Green Road by Brick Lane. It was great to meet …