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The Black Book of Contemporary Arts- The Celebrity Code- Censored by Deep State for Exposing Nazi Symbolism- Free Sample of Front Matter

The Black Book of Contemporary Arts- The Celebrity Code –   This is a banned #eBook by the Deep State for Exposing the symbolism of #CancelCulture Free Sample of Front Matter THIS 3,500 PAGE BOOK, EXPOSING THAT THE OCCULT-OBSESSED, BANKING-FUNDED NAZIS WERE NOT DEFEATED IN WWII, AND ARE HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT ALL AROUND US, IS BANNED BY THE GLOBALIST …

‘King’ Robbo 484 – Rest In Peace – 1969 – 2014

  Robbo died today (Thursday 31st July 2014) after a long battle struggling to recover from massive ‘unexplained’ head injuries. He had been in a persistent vegetative state following an induced coma since April 2011.   ‘King’ Robbo 484   23rd October 1969 – 31st July 2014   Rest In Peace   For God’s sake, let us sit upon the …

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Humanity Book Cover
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The ‘Cold Joke’ You Gotta Get

  “Hypocrisy is the state of promoting or administering virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have or is guilty of violating.Hypocrisy often involves the deception of others and thus can be considered a kind of lie.” Wikipedia Just after I published this post about the upcoming Team Rex exhibition starting on Thursday, my blog was …

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Team Rex – Saving The Nation from Landfill Art

  Poetry fettered, fetters the human race. Nations are destroyed or flourish in proportion as their poetry, painting, and music are destroyed or flourish. William Blake For years our collective intelligence has been insulted by blockbuster shows by manufactured artists, showing tired and threadbare worn out clichés, sweet and sour gimmicks , stolen ideas, and often made using stencils, Photoshop …

King Robbo Wins RTS Award
Robbo Train Graffiti Piece

King Robbo ‘Graffiti Wars’ Wins Royal Television Award

  The Channel 4 documentary, Robbo vs Banksy ‘Graffiti Wars’ by Jane Preston and TwoFour has won the Royal Television Award for Best Arts Programme on UK TV in 2011. The other two shortlisted documentaries in the running were…. Arena: Produced by George Martin, which documented the career of the legendary producer of the Beatles ‘Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club …

Royal Television Society Awards Poster
Graffiti Wars Documentary Collage
RTS Jane, Crew & Elate Filming

Graffiti Wars Nominated for Royal Television Award

  The Robbo vs Banksy ‘Graffiti Wars’ documentary for Channel 4, the first ever documentary to challenge the spurious myths propagated by the ‘Street Art Establishment’, has been nominated for a Royal Television Society award and is in the shortlist as one of the three best arts programmes on UK TV in 2011. Robbo would be so damn proud! Let’s …

Winter Warmer – Robbo Ruin Restored!

  Thanks to Fuel for this…pic by Choci Roc Robbo’s 25 year old masterpiece, on the back of BTP HQ, by Regents canal in Camden, despite being tagged was still visible until it was ruined by Banksy two years ago. It was restored on Christmas Eve; finally, after the ‘battle’ that commenced two years ago and hopefully this heartfelt tribute …

Auction Results and Graffiti Wars Update

I couldn’t make it along but £20,000 was raised toward the ongoing care of Robbo and his family at Cargo on Sunday. Robbo R on section of ‘concrete’ with dishevelled black rat sliding down the protective perspex by Fuel CCD. After a two week battle with Banksy’s lawyers the Channel 4 Graffiti Wars documentary is finally back online here …

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“See No Evil…Not the ‘Graffiti Wars’ documentary, not if WE can help it!”

Have you tried to…. Watch Channel 4 Robbo vs Banksy Graffiti Wars documentary online, or Watch Channel 4 Robbo vs Banksy Graffiti Wars documentary on YouTube, or Watch Channel 4 Robbo vs Banksy Graffiti Wars documentary on Channel 4 OD On Demand? Well you can’t; here’s why. Channel 4 Robbo vs Banksy Graffiti Wars documentary has been censored. That’s right …

King Robbo Fundraiser & Auction
Raising Money
Banksy over Robbo

King Robbo Fundraiser and Art Auction

To raise funds for King Robbo’s ongoing treatment and to help his family, London’s premier crew We Rock Hard in association with The Doctor’s Orders present… The King Robbo Fundraiser & Art Auction Youtube link to the Channel 4 Documentary at the bottom of this post. King Robbo Fundraiser & Auction… …which is to be held from 1pm – midnight …