Elate Spirit Photography – Contact Sheet

My rediscovery of the technique of spirit photography, but freed from the trickery of the Victorian parlour would seem to have given entities a new way to manifest. As we journey back into darkness and the nights draw ever in we mark the end of harvest and the time of Samhain, the Festival of the Dead. The border between this …

Urban Relics – Elate Tracksides Bow ‘89

Many thanks to Skire for this classic shot of an early Elate ‘EL’ throw-up taken in 1989. This is on the District Line tracksides in Bow, East London and done with Fugi, Spasm & Pusher. Bow Trackside Hits 1989 Elate If anyone else has any old Elate flicks I’d be very glad to hear.

In The City, A Spectre

Into the city swept an old acquaintance with a familiar face… Who left the doors wide and welcoming for such a master? In The City, A Spectre: 2008: Red Oxide, Gesso, 24 carat Gold Leaf and Mixed Media on Mahogany and Teak 465mm x 518mm with doors open, front also decorated.

Urban Archaeology – Elate ‘87

  Elate tag ’87 photo by Skam Many thanks to Skam for this snap of an old Elate tag from the eighties uncovered during recent renovations to Marble Arch station. If anyone else has any old Elate snaps I’d be very glad to hear.