Mystic Gems for the Western Snack Palate and Beyond

  I’ve started some new canvases, based on some old ideas. Some of these are mutating and jumping off onto paper into graffiti outlines. Rant begins after the jump…. I’ve dug into some old writing of mine from way back, in which I touch on the basis of this concept, expanding on a line of enquiry put forward by, and …

It's About To Blow - The Sketch
The lay-in
Its About to Blow detail 2
Its About to Blow detail 1
Its About to Blow detail 3
Its About to Blow detail 4
Its About to Blow Giclee Edition

It’s About to Blow – In Stages

  In the time leading up to this work an unyielding ‘itch’ had gotten into my head, provoked by awareness of the instability, inefficiency and unaccountability of the systems which govern and power our planet. Every night I watched the news the ‘itch’ would increase, as report upon report drew my attention to the precarious threads which hold our precious …

90m Graff Wall – Bethnal Green Road

I was invited in to paint a small piece of this monster wall by Aks, graffiti artist and the events co-ordinator. Situated between Shoreditch high street and Brick Lane and opposite the new Chrome and Black shop with the Rarekind Gallery downstairs, this is London’s graffiti central. In the next street is Sclater Street Hall of Fame. This is now …