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Remembrance – 100 Years of Totalitarianism Nov 1917 – Nov 2017 – The Forgotten Anniversary – Part One

  “Subcultures are arising via the social media, and these are seldom bound by physical boundaries to any specific region. The internet has opened new potential disasters for marketers. Different internet social groups might adopt or knock a brand and have an effect on other groups, and this might easily spread worldwide. Certainly the internet messages are not limited to …

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“See No Evil…Not the ‘Graffiti Wars’ documentary, not if WE can help it!”

Have you tried to…. Watch Channel 4 Robbo vs Banksy Graffiti Wars documentary online, or Watch Channel 4 Robbo vs Banksy Graffiti Wars documentary on YouTube, or Watch Channel 4 Robbo vs Banksy Graffiti Wars documentary on Channel 4 OD On Demand? Well you can’t; here’s why. Channel 4 Robbo vs Banksy Graffiti Wars documentary has been censored. That’s right …

King Robbo Fundraiser & Auction
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Banksy over Robbo

King Robbo Fundraiser and Art Auction

To raise funds for King Robbo’s ongoing treatment and to help his family, London’s premier crew We Rock Hard in association with The Doctor’s Orders present… The King Robbo Fundraiser & Art Auction Youtube link to the Channel 4 Documentary at the bottom of this post. King Robbo Fundraiser & Auction… …which is to be held from 1pm – midnight …

This Blog is Now Fully Live

After developing this blog for a few months I recently removed the robots.txt files so that it can be more easily found. During this time I’ve been learning to use the infinitely customisable and free WordPress blogging platform which I highly recommend to anyone interested in publishing content to the web. You will find a resource here showcasing work by …


I want to clear a few things up from the start… • This blog is about art and inspiration and in no way encourages or condones any illegal activity. • Any reference to illegal activity on my part is purely for entertainment purposes and does not constitute any admission of guilt of any crime. • The content in the ‘About’ …