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The Celebrity Code- #Bunglegate – 100 Years of Totalitarianism – The Forgotten Anniversary – Part Two

The Celebrity Code – #Bunglegate  10E0 Years of Totalitarianism -The Forgotten Anniversary – Part Two   “Naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret et mala perrumpet furtim fastidia victrix: Drive Nature out with a pitchfork, she’ll come right back, victorious over your ignorant confident scorn.” Horace It’s been a long time since I’ve been out and about, so an explanation is in …

100 Years of Totalitarianism #PropagandaWatchdog
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Lights Going On and Off
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War is Peace - Freedom is Slavery - Ignorance is Strength 1984 Orwell
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Remembrance - 'We Remember'
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Remembrance – 100 Years of Totalitarianism Nov 1917 – Nov 2017 – The Forgotten Anniversary – Part One

  “Subcultures are arising via the social media, and these are seldom bound by physical boundaries to any specific region. The internet has opened new potential disasters for marketers. Different internet social groups might adopt or knock a brand and have an effect on other groups, and this might easily spread worldwide. Certainly the internet messages are not limited to …

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“How wondrous this wall-stone, shattered by Fate; Burg-places broken, the work of giants crumbled. Ruined are the roofs, tumbled the towers, Broken the barred gate: frost in the plaster, Ceilings a-gaping, torn away, fallen, Eaten by age … Bright were the halls, lofty-gabled, Many the bath-house; cheerful the clamour In many a mead-hall, revelry rampant – Until mighty Fate put …

Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit
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Autonomy? Down the Rabbit Hole…

  In the novel, (1984 by George Orwell) the memory hole is a slot into which government officials deposit politically inconvenient documents and records to be destroyed. Wikipedia I decided to check this blog yesterday after last checking three or four days previously in order to to see if there had been any problems between my last post, ‘King’ Robbo …

‘King’ Robbo 484 – Rest In Peace – 1969 – 2014

  Robbo died today (Thursday 31st July 2014) after a long battle struggling to recover from massive ‘unexplained’ head injuries. He had been in a persistent vegetative state following an induced coma since April 2011.   ‘King’ Robbo 484   23rd October 1969 – 31st July 2014   Rest In Peace   For God’s sake, let us sit upon the …

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Moving Forward

  People always fear change. People feared electricity when it was invented, didn’t they? People feared coal, they feared gas-powered engines… Bill Gates Art stands respectfully on the shoulders of the giants of 40,000 years of painting, but ALWAYS finding, novel, unique and breathtaking ways to move ONWARD AND UPWARD… You can catch the last two days of the Team …

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The Skool of NoSkool Team Rex Show

The Skool of NoSkool – The Ism that Isn’t

  Last night we were treated to a truly fascinating lecture by NY Golden Era graffiti legend and renowned sculptor , Mare 139, you may remember him from the Style Wars Movie. Mare, aka Carlos Rodriguez. globally famed for his breathtaking metal constructions, talked us through the language and funk of the deconstruction of the graffiti letter form to discover …

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Humanity Book Cover
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The ‘Cold Joke’ You Gotta Get

  “Hypocrisy is the state of promoting or administering virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have or is guilty of violating.Hypocrisy often involves the deception of others and thus can be considered a kind of lie.” Wikipedia Just after I published this post about the upcoming Team Rex exhibition starting on Thursday, my blog was …